Children's Theater Day

2016 Mo Willems' Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs


Tickets Available at The Dancing Weasel Toy Store

Past Seasons: 
Our school was founded in 1957, and the Children's Theater Program/Concert Series followed about 5 years later, beginning in 1962. The stated goal for the program was this:
"Actual contact with cultural learning experiences enables children to grasp their importance. Culture has long been deemed necessary for adults but too often overlooked for children. It is good for children to be able to see live entertainment and experience the rewards that come from it. Children can readily identify themselves with real people."

Throughout the years, Theater Day has featured puppet shows, live music, shadow play, dance, mime, and much more. Currently we produce a single live theater play, accompanied by live music at intermission.
In recent years EPCP has also added a silent auction to Theater Day, a change which greatly assisted our fundraising efforts. 

The following images represent all existing posters that have been found from EPCP's largest fundraiser and most long-standing tradition.

Eugene's Parent-Child Preschool began in 1957 as the First United Methodist Church Preschool, but became an independent non-profit preschool in the year 2000. You can see that change reflected in the poster billing.

2015 Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are




Please contact our VP of Fundraising, Marie, for more information about donating to our 2016 silent auction and theater production, our 501c3 status, and tax receipts. email: eugenepreschool (at)