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About Our School

E U G E N E ' S  P A R E N T – C H I L D  P R E S C H O O L

1376 Olive • Eugene • Oregon

NOW ENROLLING 3- and 4-year-olds (Dragonflies)
NOW ENROLLING for 2-year-olds (Hummingbirds) 
• Play-Based Curriculum
• Cooperative Experience
• High Level of Parent Involvement

School field trips are a fun part of our seasonal curriculum!

The primary mission of Eugene’s Parent-Child Preschool is to encourage a lifelong love of learning by providing the best possible social and educational experience for children and their families within a caring community of its members.

Regular and active parental participation in the preschool ensures that an atmosphere of love and caring surrounds our children’s growth and learning.

We promote the concept that play and the freedom to explore provide our kids with the chance to develop emotional, physical, social, and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime. Learning and growth take place through self-discovery, self-direction, and sensory activities, and our teachers aim to help each child learn respect for themselves and others.

More specifically, the children are introduced daily to different arts and crafts media, methods, and projects meant to increase fine and gross motor skills, exercise creativity, and explore. Through daily songs and story books, they gain a love of language, rhyme, and rhythm. A large selection of play and sensory activities fill the inside and outside portions of the day, and freedom of choice is encouraged alongside appropriate social skills. EPCP aims to keep each child engaged, interested, and involved.

Parents at Eugene’s Parent-Child Preschool want to take an active role in their children's education. As parents, we share in the daily operation of the preschool and participate in fundraising and decision-making. Parents also assist the teachers in the classroom as parent-teachers, assisting with activities, aiding in conflict resolution, playing, cleaning, singing, and dancing. Please visit the Family Involvement tab above for more information on how parents participate in the classroom as part of the co-op.

Attendance at general membership meetings during the school year and a toy cleaning are also required.

Eugene's Parent-Child Preschool is a registered non-profit educational organization. In addition to several optional fundraisers throughout the school year, EPCP parents present a children’s play and carnival for the community in conjunction with a silent auction every spring. Each member is required to help with this production as part of the cooperative agreement. All proceeds go directly back into the preschool, helping to maintain low tuition. It’s also a fun community-building event for our preschool families!

Our annual Theater Day is a fun tradition for parents AND kids! (2015, Where the Wild Things Are)

The volunteer Board of Directors for Eugene’s Parent-Child Preschool is a group of elected and appointed members (and two people from the community at large), who provide guidance and make decisions for the preschool. Board members are typically elected in late spring in anticipation of the new school year, though some positions become available through the course of the year.

Preschool parents are always welcome to attend the monthly board meetings.

We encourage you and your child to visit us and explore the preschool! Children who are touring EPCP must be accompanied by an adult, and adults who are touring must be accompanied by a child. Please call or email to arrange a suitable day!

Eugene's Parent-Child Preschool (EPCP)
1376 Olive Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401

For Membership Information
Phone: (541) 984-5531
Email: eugenepreschool (at) 

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